Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Months

I absolutely CANNOT believe that Mac is already 7 months old!!! It seems like time flies by so fast. He is such a joy to have in our lives. I fall more and more in love with him everyday!!! It seems like there's such a difference from 6 to 7 months. Mac finally rolled over from tummy to back! He has started to get up in the crawling position and sway back and forth, but not actually crawl yet. To be quite honest, I'm okay that he's not crawling because I'm not sure that I'm ready for him to be into everything. Mac's doctor told me to get on all fours and crawl around at his level to see any dangerous things on the ground. It's crazy what all is lying around that are choking hazards. Anyway, one thing that Mac has been doing a lot of that I LOVE is dancing. It is so cute! Anytime he hears music or you sing, he starts moving from side to side and sometimes flaps his arms. It's the sweetest thing ever! Scott says that Mac gets his dancing abilities from him, but I beg to differ! Mac is still teething, but we don't have any teeth that have surfaced yet. Again, I'm okay with this too because I am still nursing (along with him getting cereal twice a day). We finally got Mac's hair cut, which was in desperate need of a trim. We had my hairstylist, Deanna Knighton (Strandz Salon), cut his hair on February 6th! Deanna was so sweet and came to the hospital the day I gave birth to Mac to do my hair and makeup and make me all pretty for the big day! Now, Mac looks even more like a little man with his new do. Speaking of new, Mac's eyes seem to be turning brown. They are brown in the center and blue on the outside, so we will have to see how this progresses. Scott has brown eyes and I have hazel eyes, so who knows what he'll end up with. One thing I'm extremely grateful for is that Mac has started sleeping from 10:30 pm to 8:45 am!!! He is such a great baby!!! Again, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!
P.S. Mac's best friend was born February 12th, Jack Cristopher Sanford!!!